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Rockwood Clinic ​Imaging Center

Comprehensive Medical Imaging

MultiCare Rockwood Clinic offers patients some of the most comprehensive and advanced imaging services available in the Inland Northwest region, including digital diagnostic X-ray, digital mammography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT and MRI.

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Our Cancer Treatment Center located in the Spokane Valley provides state-of-the-art PET/CT and Linear Accelerator (LINAC) treatments. Additionally we have RapidArc, an advancement in radiation therapy for cancer patients needing this type of therapy. This facility, with a complete team of physicians, treatment personnel and patient care staff, provides complete diagnostic care, a treatment plan and ongoing care to patients referred by both MultiCare Rockwood Clinic providers as well as those in the local and outlying communities.

MultiCare Rockwood Imaging Center locations provide various imaging modalities throughout Spokane and surrounding region. All imaging modalities are available at our MultiCare Rockwood Main Clinic in downtown Spokane. CT, MRI, ultrasound and diagnostic X-rays are available at the MultiCare Rockwood Valley Clinic. Additional locations have diagnostic X-ray capabilities.

We use Radia Inc., PS, to interpret imaging studies. With over 100 board-certified radiologists who live and work in the communities they serve, Radia providers are a part of our patients' care team, working together with MultiCare Rockwood Clinic providers to optimize our imaging services and provide individualized care to each patient.

Confused about screening and mammograms? Learn more about mammograms.

Billing Information

You will receive two separate bills for your imaging services. Your bills will be as follows:

  • One bill from MultiCare Rockwood Clinic for the technical charges, which include equipment and supplies
  • One charge from Radia for the professional charges, which is for the radiologist's professional interpretation of your images and the report sent to your provider with the findings of your imaging study

For more information about your bill from MultiCare Rockwood Clinic, please call 509-342-3600.

For more information about your bill from Radia, please contact 800-714-5937 or visit

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