​Medical Fitness

Integrated Medical Care for Better Health

MultiCare Rockwood Physical Therapy Centers provide a supportive environment for improving and sustaining individual well being through education, recreation, fitness and health promotion. We are dedicated to the model of integrated medical care as the prescription for better health. We are committed to promoting the benefits of health and fitness programs to manage and prevent lifestyle-related diseases, while making our medical fitness programs and services available throughout our community.

How We Help

As a designated Medical Fitness Center, our primary function is to help our patients reduce the occurrence and/or severity of their condition by formulating individualized, medically supervised health-related exercise programs and providing education on healthy living. Many factors distinguish our medical fitness program, including:

  • Active and regular medical oversight
  • Qualified and credentialed staff
  • Disease management and clinical integration of programs
  • Using an individual's personal health status to create an individualized exercise prescription to reduce their overall health risk
  • Safety
  • A focus on improving community health

Preventing injury and disease is the key to our future health and well-being.


We have multiple locations throughout the Inland Northwest.

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