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Women's Heart Clinic

Prevention through Intervention

The MultiCare Rockwood Women's Heart Clinic, the only of its kind in the Inland Northwest, has been developed with a woman's physiology and lifestyle in mind. The clinic provides comprehensive cardiovascular medical care to women, with a special focus on prevention. This clinic is designed for women who already have cardiac diseases or for those who want to take control of their cardiac health and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Why a Women's Heart Clinic?

Many are unaware that heart disease is the greatest health problem facing women today. Most believe that breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women, but cardiovascular disease claims more women's lives than all forms of cancer combined. More women than men are dying from cardiovascular disease and in over half who suddenly die, there is no previous evidence of heart disease. Despite these alarming statistics, women and their physicians are often not aware of the seriousness of heart disease in women. We're becoming the advocate women need, developing programs exclusively for you.

A Woman's Heart is Different

In today's world, women are in a variety of very important, sometimes stressful, and always meaningful positions. Wives, mothers, sisters and daughters are so very important to their families and their communities. A lack of knowledge about lifestyle and health risks is hurting women. Although heart disease is diagnosed primarily in women ages 40 to 60, it develops gradually and can start at a young age. Hormones also impact the risk for heart disease. Furthermore, women may have different symptoms than men and may respond differently to treatments or testing than men. It's important for women to understand their risks now to reduce their chances of getting heart disease tomorrow.

Our Vision

Women with risk factors such as weight, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol are welcome, as well as those women who already have heart disease or a family history of it. Our goal is to identify cardiovascular disease, or the risk for it, so that prevention is a realistic option. Using medical protocols and guidelines just for women, we can intervene. By getting women the care they need and discussing the unique symptoms of female heart attack and cardiovascular-related diseases, we can improve the quality of their lives.

Our Approach

The programs we will share with you are holistic. These programs focus not only on the heart, but also on nutrition, exercise and psychological components. We discuss prevention and provide treatment. To provide an individualized approach to care, many support services are available to help patients achieve lifestyle modifications that can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. Please join us in becoming a community of healthy women.

We are now accepting new patients. Ask your primary care physician for a referral or call 509-724-4027 to schedule an appointment.


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