Wire-Free Radar Technology for Precise Breast Tumor Removal

Precision and accuracy are crucial when it comes to removing cancerous tissue or tumors from the breast, as well as in performing breast biopsies or lymph node removal.

That's why MultiCare Regional Cancer Center is proud to be among the first to adopt the SAVI SCOUT® wire-free radar localization system for use during breast cancer and related surgeries.

Localization is the process surgeons use to locate a tumor or other tissue for removal. Historically, the most commonly used localization procedure was known as a wire, or needle, localization. With wire localization, a radiologist would place a thin, hooked wire through the skin to the tumor location.  The surgeon would then use the wire to locate the tumor for removal. 

Placement of the wire is typically done as a separate procedure on the day of the scheduled surgery or biopsy, sometimes requiring patients to endure several hours of waiting in between procedures.

The SCOUT wire-free radar localization system is an FDA-approved, radiation-free approach to localizing breast tumors, biopsy sites and lymph nodes. SCOUT uses a unique radar signal to detect a tiny reflector the size of a grain of rice. The reflector takes the place of the wire in the localization procedure and marks the location of the tumor or tissue that needs to be removed.

Benefits of SAVI SCOUT

SAVI SCOUT offers several benefits for breast cancer patients who require surgery.

Improved Convenience: The reflector can be placed any time during the course of treatment — and at the patients’ convenience. There is no restriction on the length of time the reflector can remain inside the tissue.

Increased Accuracy: During the surgical procedure, the surgeon scans the breast using the SCOUT guide to precisely and efficiently locate the reflector to within 1mm of accuracy. The ability to precisely locate tumors increases the probability of complete cancer removal, which reduces the likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries.  

Better Cosmetic Outcomes: By helping surgeons remove the target tissue more precisely and accurately, SAVI SCOUT  helps preserve healthy breast tissue, which may result in better cosmetic outcomes.

SAVI SCOUT is also used to effectively localize lymph nodes and can be used with any type of imaging over the course of a patient’s care.

Is SAVI SCOUT Right for You?

MultiCare breast surgeon Eunice Cho, MD, is currently performing procedures using SAVI SCOUT at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center. For more information, or to make a referral, please call MultiCare Regional Cancer Center - Auburn at 253-876-8200.

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