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Cancer Treatments

The care you need, close to home

Cancer Treatmens- MultiCare

When you come to MultiCare Regional Cancer Center, you receive the best available care from a team you can trust. When new treatments and technologies become available, we are often among the first in the South Puget Sound to offer them. Our team includes doctors with specialized training in areas such as cancer surgery and medical oncology. This translates to an exceptional level of care for our patients.

Cancer treatment at MultiCare Regional Cancer Center: Why choose us?

MultiCare offers more of the care you need at locations close to home. Our focus on your needs helps you achieve the best possible results.

Highlights of our program include:

  • National recognition: MultiCare is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). These prestigious designations mean you can count on us for the highest quality cancer care. Our program maintains exceptional standards, including coordinated treatments that allow you to focus on feeling better. Find out more about breast cancer.
  • Personalized treatments: We offer promising new care options, including precision medicine. This cancer treatment takes into account how cancer genes vary from person to person. As a result, you receive the cancer drugs that are most likely to work for your unique situation. Learn more about precision medicine.
  • Care close to home: Our cancer experts are available in clinics, hospitals and infusion centers throughout the South Puget Sound. If you are coming to us from outside the region, we work with your local care team to help you receive care in your community whenever possible. Find out more about our cancer center locations.
  • Safety: We are one of few programs in the region with technology that protects your heart from complications some people face with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Read more about cardio-oncology.

Cancer clinical trials in the South Puget Sound

MultiCare has been conducting cancer research since 1983 and all of our doctors are researchers. We offer nearly 50 clinical trials at locations throughout the South Puget Sound. Our active research program gives you access to trials testing promising new cancer treatments and doctors experienced in delivering many types of treatment options. Read more about cancer research and clinical trials.

We are also an affiliate of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, giving you access to additional clinical trials that are only available in select cancer programs nationwide. Read more about our partnership with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Easy access to care and second opinions at MultiCare

When facing a cancer diagnosis, it’s natural to have questions, and we help you get answers as quickly as possible. We usually see new patients in as little as two business days – sometimes on the same day. With locations throughout the region, you won’t need to travel great distances for cancer care. If you would like a second opinion about your diagnosis or treatment recommendations from another provider, we are here for you. See our cancer center locations.

Cancer treatments available at MultiCare Regional Cancer Center

Our large team of cancer specialists, which includes doctors, researchers, therapists and nurses, has been working together for years. We meet on a regular basis to determine the tests, treatments and support services that are best for your needs. Find out more about tumor boards.

Depending on the recommendations of the tumor board, your care may include:

  • Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy: This treatment uses anti-cancer drugs to slow or stop cancer cells from growing. We offer all the latest drugs in innovative combinations to help you achieve the best possible results. Find out more about chemotherapy & immunotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy: We destroy cancer cells using beams of energy. Our commitment to safe, effective care has helped our program earn national recognition. Get more information about radiation therapy.
  • Surgery: We offer the latest minimally invasive techniques, including endoscopy, laparoscopy and robotic surgery. These use sophisticated technologies to access and remove cancer through tiny incisions. Learn more about cancer surgery.

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