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Specialty management for kidney disease

What is nephrology?

As experts in diseases of the kidney and urinary tract, nephrologists diagnose and treat conditions from kidney stones to renal failure. We also provide dialysis treatments for people with kidney failure.

Why choose MultiCare for nephrology?

Many diseases affecting the kidney are systemic disorders — that is, conditions or illnesses that affect more than one part of the body. For instance, people who have diabetes may also have related problems with kidney function. Systemic disorders may require treatment from more than one specialist. MultiCare nephrologists collaborate with doctors including cardiologists, endocrinologists and others to provide the comprehensive care you need.

When do I need a nephrologist?

Your doctor may refer you to a nephrologist for conditions including blood in your urine, electrolyte disorders and more. You may also be referred to a kidney specialist if other diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, may have damaged your kidneys.

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