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Centering Pregnancy

A proven model for patient-centered group prenatal care

When you’re pregnant, you experience so many different emotions and have many different questions. It can help to be around others who are experiencing similar things.

CenteringPregnancy® is a group prenatal care program that brings mothers who are due at the same time out of exam rooms and into a comfortable group setting.

Developed by the Centering Healthcare Institute, CenteringPregnancy — along with the Institute’s other centering group care programs — is designed to empower you, strengthen your relationship with your provider, and build communities. This helps deliver better health outcomes and a better care experience for both those who are pregnant and their providers.

How Centering Pregnancy Works

You and your partner are placed in a group with others due around the same time. This type of prenatal care follows the recommended schedule of 10 prenatal visits, but each visit is 90 minutes to two hours long — giving you more time with your doctor than at a standard visit.

The first part of each visit is for you alone. You’ll take your own weight and blood pressure and record your own health information, then have private one-on-one time with your healthcare provider.

After this part of your prenatal visit, you’ll gather with the rest of your centering group, and providers will lead group discussions on pregnancy-related topics such as:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant care
  • Managing stress
  • Nutrition

The Benefits of CenteringPregnancy

The CenteringPregnancy program offers those who are pregnant and their partners a number of benefits, including:

  • Better health outcomes. This includes lower preterm birth rates and increased breastfeeding success rates.
  • Self-care and self-confidence. This allows you to become a bigger part of your own health care and to become better prepared for labor, delivery, and newborn care.
  • More time with your provider. Sessions last 90 minutes, covering health assessments and discussions.
  • Community building. During this program, you build relationships, helping you find support in others.
  • Learning through fun. Parents develop greater understanding through group-led, meaningful discussions with providers and others experiencing pregnancy.
  • Support after pregnancy. Most parents continue with the CenteringParenting® program — a family-centered group model for parents, babies, and their caregivers.

How to Participate in CenteringPregnancy

The CenteringPregnancy program is offered at MultiCare exclusively through MultiCare Family Medicine Center and is open to both new and current MultiCare patients. Call 253-403-6750 for more information and to schedule an initial appointment.

Washington March of Dimes - Group Prenatal Care

MultiCare Family Medicine Center providers Dr. Swanson and Dr. Payne explain the Centering Pregnancy program and its connection to the March of Dimes in this short video.