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Prepare for Surgery

What you need to know before your surgery

Preparing for surgery with CHG wipes at MultiCare

Below is a multistep video with easy to follow steps for preparing your skin the night before your surgery.

When you are about to have surgery at a MultiCare facility, you will receive a pre-admission packet, which will include chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) wipes. The wipes include a substance called chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) that helps reduce the number of bacteria on your skin. The bacteria that is normally good for your skin can cause infection after your surgery.

Why prepare your skin for surgery with CHG wipes:

  • Reduces bacteria on skin that can cause infection after surgery
  • Reduces risk of post-operative infections and injuries
  • Helps you to heal quicker
  • Kills most bacteria on contact
  • Continues to work to reduce the number of bacteria for up to 12 hours

Prepárese para la cirugía en MultiCare con CHG wipes