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Siobhan Dunne

Siobhan's Story

Siobhan Dunne Before and After

Like many people, Siobhan Dunne felt like she was on a rollercoaster when it came to her weight. After an upsetting divorce, she landed on her feet and started exercising and watching what she ate. That got her down to 232 pounds when she met her current husband and got re-married. Now in a happy and comfortable relationship, she began gaining again and year later weighed in at 290 pounds.

Siobhan was desperate not to break the 300-pound threshold. In addition she was experiencing knee pain which made exercise difficult, and her clothes no longer fit but she didn’t want to shop for things that she wouldn’t feel good in. She tried dieting with a commercial weight loss program, but only lost 12 pounds in six months.

Out of options and seeking a big change, she attended a MultiCare Weight Loss Surgery seminar with Hanafy Hanafy, MD, a bariatric surgeon, in August 2015. She found him to be very approachable and the seminar quite informative.

After meeting individually with Dr. Hanafy at the Center for Weight Loss and Wellness, she chose to have a sleeve gastrectomy. She liked that it had a shorter recovery time, fewer long-term side effects and worked only through restriction and not malabsorption.

In March 2016, Siobhan’s surgery was MultiCare’s first bariatric surgery at MultiCare Allenmore Hospital in Tacoma. While the first few days of recovery were tough, she never regretted her choice. Instead she concentrated on sipping liquids and chewing slowly, taking her vitamins, meeting her daily nutrition goals for protein and water intake and exercising regularly.

In the first two months after surgery, Siobhan lost 40 pounds, and her knee pain was gone. Stepping on the scale is now motivating as she sees progress.

Her friends sometimes comment that she can’t enjoy food anymore, but Siobhan disagrees. She can still enjoy a variety of delicious foods, but she has developed a new relationship with food. She gets full faster and is learning to balance the occasional treat with her other nutritional needs. She can even still enjoy baking for others without being tempted herself.

She knows that the first several months is the “honeymoon” period with weight loss surgery where the pounds drop quickly. However, with the support of the team at the Center for Weight Loss and Wellness and monthly visits with her dietitian, Melanie Machado, Siobhan feels poised for long-term success.

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