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Spiritual & Pastoral Care

Serving the Spiritual Needs of Our Patients

Illness can be a frightening and isolating experience with uncertainties and losses. Sometimes illness can push us to the point of spiritual and emotional distress. It can also be a time of spiritual growth. Our Mission is to nurture the spiritual well-being of our community.

MultiCare chaplains are available to offer spiritual support and compassionate care

We are there in times of struggle or sadness and in times of joy to provide respectful spiritual care that honors the faith preference of those we serve.

Chaplains focus on spiritual and religious issues

Whether a person has an identified spiritual preference or not, Chaplains may offer supportive spiritual counsel. A Chaplain is trained to respond within the spiritual and cultural frame of reference of the individual served.

Spiritual Care is:

  • Individualized: We have been trained in the art of spiritual assessment, to discern the nature and cause of spiritual suffering. We are prepared to help individuals identify issues and support them as they wrestle with their concerns. We draw upon our education, training, religious background, theology and faith tradition to offer spiritual support.
  • Culturally Sensitive: Chaplains are theologically and clinically trained to meet the spiritual needs of a multicultural population whose members embrace a wide diversity of faith traditions.
  • Holistic: We understand that suffering in one area will affect other areas, just as healing in one area will promote wellness in the others.
  • Interdisciplinary: We function in collaboration with all members of the MultiCare Health Care Team.

The Pastoral Care Department is accountable to MultiCare and the health care team to adhere to the best practices in hospital chaplaincy and to offer the highest standards of professional conduct. Chaplains are accountable to patients and families for providing care in the context of respect and compassion. And finally, Chaplains are accountable to one another, that the care we offer each day is consistent with the dictates of conscience, our faith tradition, and our own spiritual beliefs.

Any hospital staff member can contact a Chaplain. Our Chaplains are available to respond immediately to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Contact Information Puget Sound Area

Chaplain Annette Gildemann
Program Director, Chaplain Services
[email protected]

Contact Information Inland Northwest

MultiCare Deaconess Hospital
Pastoral Services
MultiCare Valley Hospital
Pastoral Services