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Sports Nutrition Services

Expert Nutritional Guidance Gives You a Competitive Edge

MultiCare Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living offer sports nutrition services to all athletes involved in competitive or recreational sports or activities. Content 1The mission of the sports nutrition program is to provide sound nutrition information and guidance to active individuals, athletes and sports teams in order to improve nutrition quality, increase nutrition knowledge, and improve athletic performance.

All sports nutrition services are provided by a registered dietitian (RD) and certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD).

Fundamental Sports Nutrition Package

Our most popular package, this session includes 1-hour nutrition counseling, body fat testing using the BodPod®, and resting metabolic rate testing. This is an ideal way to start a weight loss, wellness, or fitness plan.

Cost: $180

Fundamental Sports Nutrition Counseling

A 1-hour session designed for those who want nutritional guidance for race day, carbohydrate loading, nutrition pre, during event, and recovery, and assessment of hydration needs.

Cost: $90/hour

Sports Nutrition Follow-Up

An extension of fundamental sports nutrition counseling tailored to your specific needs. Reassess and monitor athletic nutritional requirements. Appointments are 30-minutes each.

Cost: $55 OR 3 for $150

Body Fat Analysis w/BodPod® BodPod

A test to determine your body composition, or lean body mass to fat body mass using the BodPod®, the gold standard of body composition testing. Interested in monitoring your progression towards increasing your lean muscle mass and strength? Consider a package of 3 visits.

Cost: $60 OR 3-$150

Contact: Lisa Lovejoy, Sports/Wellness Dietician, 253-459-6966 or [email protected].

Resting Metabolic Rate

A test to determine your calorie burn at rest. Useful when determining your calorie needs for your specific goal: weight maintenance, loss, or gain. This is the gold standard test in determining your calorie needs.

Cost: $65

Body Fat and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Our popular body fat (using BodPod®) and resting metabolic rate testing in one visit. Save $10 when you receive both tests.

Cost: $110

Comprehensive Sports Wellness Package

This package includes 3, 60-minute sessions with a focus on improving body composition, including:

  • Resting metabolic rate testing
  • 3 BodPod® tests to monitor progress
  • Complete assessment of current diet, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and hydration
  • A meal plan and sample menu of current dietary needs
  • Sports nutrition education, carbohydrate loading, nutrition pre, during event, and recovery

Cost: $365

*MultiCare Employees & YMCA Members receive a 20% discount.

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Team talks, sports nutrition classes and workshops
are available by request. Call 253-459-6966.