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Stroke and Neurovascular Center of Excellence

Accelerating Treatment for Best Possible Outcomes

A stroke, or brain attack, occurs when not enough oxygen-rich blood is reaching part of the brain. Without this nourishment, blood cells die. The usual result of a stroke is weakness or paralysis of one side of the body. The MultiCare Neuroscience Institute's Stroke and Neurovascular Center of Excellence is the region's leader in complex stroke care.

We leverage advanced technology and research to deliver leading edge clinical programs under the direction of specialized physicians and highly skilled staff. Our innovative approach to neurovascular intervention offers both surgical and endovascular treatment options for patients experiencing a stroke.

Time is Tissue

A stroke is a life-threatening medical emergency and requires immediate medical attention. When it comes to stroke, "time is tissue." People who delay seeking medical care for more than one hour after experiencing stroke symptoms have a much higher likelihood of permenent damage to brain tissue, disability and death. So it's critical that patients get the treatment they need as soon as possible.

How We Help

Patients who come to MultiCare for stroke care have access to:

  • Rapid response teams — Specially trained teams are ready and waiting 24 hours a day to provide prompt, effective evaluation and treatment for stroke.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools — These tools enable specialists to visualize the brain and blood supply in seconds and begin life-saving treatment as quickly as possible. Neurological assessments, such as profusion diffusion imaging, allow MultiCare's stroke teams to visualize the blood supply to the brain within seconds.
  • The latest treatment options — Treatment options for stroke at MultiCare range the latest non-invasive treatments such as clot-dissolving medications, to neurosurgical intervention for other patients with strokes caused by cerebral hemorrhaging.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Stroke Center

DH Comp StrokeMultiCare Deaconess Hospital is the first Inland Northwest hospital to earn a Comprehensive Stroke Care Designation. This recognition demonstrates the highest level of competence in treating stroke.