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Surgical Suites

Integrated Surgical Suites

The Dally Tower includes four integrated surgical suites, robotic-assisted surgery technology and an image guided surgical navigation system.

Integrated Surgical SuitesOperating _ room
Integrated surgical suites not only allow for the precise control of ambient conditions such as room temperature and lighting, they also provide surgical teams with immediate access to scans,digital images and other important patient data. In addition, an advanced video system enables real-time images to be shared and viewed by off-site medical staff such as consulting surgeons.

Image-Guided Surgical Navigation System
An image-guided navigation system provides optimal integration of three-dimensional images from MRI, CT and PET scans to guide surgery and radiation-oncology treatments. This system greatly aids spinal procedures, complex ear, nose and throat cases close to the skull-base, and stroke care.

Robotic Assisted Surgery
The da Vinci® Surgical System uses the latest in computer technology to enable surgeons to perform precise, intricate, minimally invasive maneuvers resulting in less post-operative pain, scarring and blood loss; shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries. Robotic assisted surgery is conducted from a computer console that provides enlarged, three dimensional images. With highly specialized hand controls, the surgeon commands robotic arms modeled after the human wrist to maneuver within difficult-to-reach areas.Robotic Technology

MultiCare’s Tacoma General Hospital was the first hospital in Washington to use the da Vinci System for gynecological procedures. This system is now used successfully for cardiac, prostate and urological procedures.