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Community Outreach

At TFM, we acknowledge that being a full-spectrum family doctor means not only being an excellent clinician, but also a community leader and an advocate for the type of social change that will improve the lives of all our our patients - especially for those historically marginalized. Opportunities come at every level, from advocating for a specific patient to serving on a local, state, national or international committee - and TFM is committed to the importance of making time for this. 

Examples of resident advocacy and service from our current residents include:

  • attendance at marches and protests against gun violence and in support of the black lives matter movement
  • anti-smoking “Tar Wars” education in local schools
  • mentoring of underrepresented minorities interested in healthcare at local colleges
  • volunteering at our local free clinic (Neighborhood Clinic)
  • participating in our social determinants of health committee
  • working with faculty to develop a long-overdue anti-racism curriculum
  • serving on Multicare Health System committees, such as the graduate medical education committee or the perinatal clinical improvement committee
  • serving as a representative for community-level projects such as Help Me Grow Pierce County; being a resident representative or resident trustee for the WAFP
  • attending family medicine advocacy day in Olympia and speaking with state legislators about issues affecting our patients
  • serving as a resident representative to a national AAFP committee
  • being a part of the executive committee for Polaris, the young doctors branch of global family medicine 

Our faculty also "walk the walk” and model in real-time how to combine a busy career with advocacy and service. In addition to participating alongside us in many of the activities listed above, they also find time to: 

  • serve on the local school board - Dr. Enrique Leon
  • chair a WAFP committee - Dr. Natalie Nunes
  • be the medical director for Neighborhood clinic - Dr. John VanBuskirk
  • serve as the team doc for a local school - Dr. Enrique Leon
  • lobby for safer gun laws in Olympia - Dr. Enrique Leon
  • serve in leadership roles within Multicare - Dr. Becky Benko
  • advocate for statewide legal changes that will improve the lives of patients with disabilities and develop an innovative wrap-around clinic for children with disabilities transitioning to adulthood - Dr. Alan Gill
  • sit on the Multicare Multicultural Cultural Diversity Committee - Dr. Natalie Nunes

We look forward to seeing how you will work to improve our community and the communities you serve in the future. 

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