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Application Process

We Are Looking For an Excellent Fit

TFM Interview/Application

Tacoma Family Medicine is looking for candidates who are excited by our mission statement, the training we offer and our geographical setting. Tacoma Family Medicine has a long tradition of training physicians for “full scope” Family Medicine with specific preparation for the care of under-resourced populations. We define full scope as training residents to provide all primary care services including newborn, pediatric, maternity, reproductive, adult and geriatric care to patients in all variety of settings.

TFM trains residents in outpatient family medicine, including home and nursing home visits, outpatient clinic and panel population management and inpatient Family Medicine care including Obstetrics. We are looking for applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to service by “walking their talk” in their life experiences. TFM graduates “omnipotential” family physicians who are prepared to practice in low-resource environments from urban to rural settings.

During the application process and interview, TFM evaluates candidates according to their strong academic achievement, commitment to “full scope” Family Medicine, mission match, letters of recommendation, interpersonal skills, record of work ethic and teamwork. We value diversity and promote equity in employment.

Successful applicants have solid medical school academics, particularly in 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations and sub-internships. Their clinical experience has involved primary clinical responsibility and not shadowing. They demonstrate emotional intelligence in the interview process; are optimistic, motivated, self-starting adult learners; are proactive in their planning; and are team players who support their coworkers and reach out for support when they need help. TFM looks for applicants who are able to use process in achieving institutional change and improvement. Successful applicants have found ways to demonstrate contribution of their unique gifts and strengths for the benefit of their patients, colleagues and institutions.

National Resident Matching Program (NRMP):

Tacoma Family Medicine (308620) participates in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Only applicants who are registered with the Matching Program will be considered for a personal interview.

You will find us listed in the online AMA FREIDA directory under MultiCare Medical Center. Our mailing address is: Tacoma Family Medicine - 521 Martin Luther King Jr. Way - Tacoma, WA 98405.

ERAS Application:

Tacoma Family Medicine uses ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System). We only accept applications submitted through the ERAS system. Our deadline for receipt of applications is October 31st, 2020. In 2020, ERAS will post applications on Oct 21st, 2020.

You can read a description of the ERAS system on-line. If you have any questions regarding ERAS, please contact the Dean’s Office of your medical school for clarification.


  1. Completion of training within the last two years. All applicants must have graduated from medical school or have completed a transitional year program approved by the ACGME with demonstrated clinical experience in medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and/or surgery during the last two years, or be in an accredited school of medicine on track to graduate in June. Observerships do not qualify as clinical work experiences. Applicants not meeting this requirement are not considered and their applications are not processed.
  2. Passing standardized testing: We set an initial screen of no failed exams for either the USMLE or COMLEX step 1, 2 or 3. In 2020, we realize that standardized testing has been affected by COVID. We encourage applicants to complete USMLE 2 or COMLEX 2 before your interview. We will not rank an applicant at the end of interview season who has not passed all the tests.
  3. For International Graduates: MultiCare Tacoma Family Medicine does not sponsor visas. Your ERAS application must be complete, including all of the above documentation as well as verification of passing the USMLE Step II-CSA examination and verification of current certification by the ECFMG.
  4. A completed ERAS Application and supporting documents: The following items must be received in your ERAS application before and interview can be scheduled:

 A completed ERAS Application Form:

  • Personal Statement (This is a key application document, and we want you to visit our website and write at least one paragraph as to why Tacoma Family Medicine is a good fit for you, please see specific details below).
  • Letters of Reference: One letter should specifically be from a family physician. Tacoma Family Medicine will offer interviews after two letters are on file; however, three letters of reference are desired by the time of the interview date. The fourth reference is the MSPE “Dean’s letter” and is required for a complete file.
  • MSPE: “Dean’s Letter”: This will be available at the opening of ERAS on Oct 21st, 2020.
  • Medical School Transcripts
  • USMLE Transcript including Step I, II, and Step II-CSA
  • ECFMG Certification if applicable: Applicants who have not received ECFMG certification by the deadline for submission of program ranking list will not be listed for our program.

Personal Statement:

Your application must include a personal statement of approximately 1-2 pages. Effective personal statements have been personalized to the application to Tacoma Family Medicine and include a few short paragraphs addressing the following details:

  1. A brief autobiographical sketch, including a description of the community in which you grew up.
  2. Your ability to work on teams both as leader and team-member.
  3. Your objectives in residency training, including:
    • Your career goals in medicine and the kind of community in which you plan to serve
    • Life and work experiences that have shaped your plans for the future
    • Educational choices you have made to support your goals
    • The skills you wish to acquire and what areas of training you feel are particularly important for your future plans
  4. How your goals match the mission and training available at Tacoma Family Medicine

Faculty Review of ERAS Applications:

When your completed ERAS application, personal statement, at least 2 of the requested 3 letters of reference, medical school transcripts, and USMLE/COMLEX 1 scores have been received, your file will be ready for review. The residency faculty personally reviews all applications. The residency coordinator team will contact you to make the necessary arrangements for an interview. Spouses and/or significant others are welcome to participate in interview day activities.

Who should I contact if I still have questions about the application?

The most efficient method is to email the residency coordinator team (Desi Axt, Jean Basaraba and Kelly Taylor) at [email protected] Alternatively, please direct questions concerning the application process by phone at 253-403-2938. It is not uncommon to reach voicemail during this busy time of year. Please leave a detailed message, along with your telephone number, and we will return your call as soon as possible.