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Diversity and Inclusion

diversity new newTFM is dedicated to providing full spectrum care for all communities in need. Our clinic serves patients from many diverse communities with half (½) of our patients identifying as Black, Latinx, Multi-Racial, Asian, Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native. The most frequently spoken languages in our clinic besides English include Spanish, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Russian. Our patient population includes individuals with diverse cultural, professional, ethnic, national, religious, gender, sexual (LGBTQIA+) and disability identities. The vast majority of our patients utilize public insurance.

We recognize that health disparities primarily exist because of systemic oppression and racism which influence an individual’s social determinants of health and health concerns.

We believe that increasing the intersectional diversity of the physician workforce is an evidence-based approach that can help eliminate health inequity. Our goal as a residency is to not only produce family physicians that are dedicated to working with underserved populations but who are also themselves as diverse as our patients. We invite and highly encourage individuals from all intersectional backgrounds to apply to our exceptional residency.

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