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Program Director's Statement

TFM program director portraitAs candidates to residency you find yourself in uncertain times, including a global pandemic of COVID 19, an economic recession, the murder of unarmed black fellow citizens and historic levels of income inequality. Our own house, that of health care, is the number one cause of bankruptcy, and current health care is a privilege not a right. There is a lot of work to do. I am a gardener, and I sing in my garden: “Inch by inch, row by row, going to make this garden grow, all you need is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground”. Gardeners are optimists trusting in the abundance of seeds, and rain and sun. Gardeners clear rocky soil and get their hands dirty.

Tacoma Family Medicine is a community garden. Our group of farmers is committed to the mission of accompanying and healing under-resourced and disadvantaged people, and learning full spectrum Family Medicine. I have the privilege of leading and executing the role of program director. Many look to the leader when selecting a program, but I encourage you to look at all of our community gardeners. The faculty at TFM are experienced and compassionate teachers. The staff are committed to the best health of our patients and your success in training. The residents are hard-working and have a great esprit de corps. We are proud of the growth in wisdom and skill obtained by our graduates in a mere three years. If we are so lucky to match together, you will have the privilege of executing the role of resident at Tacoma Family Medicine. You would join the community garden of coequals, from front desk worker to program director, each just executing different roles. In the “row by row” day to day the magic happens. You connect deeply with your patients, you participate and witness in healing and mercy, you learn incredible things, and you make lifelong bonds with colleagues. Your “street cred” as a skilled family doc grows and empowers you to advocate for the larger systemic issues. “We were made for these times”.

Come join us.

- Kerry Watrin

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