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Resident Wellness

The wellness curriculum is a longitudinal & integrated experience aimed to promote resilience, grit, and wellness in residents and to provide a method for residents to share their experiences related to wellness, pathos, and burnout with the program.  It involves internal and external resources, support & reflection opportunities, wellness planning, didactics, committee membership, team building, access to our wellness & exercise room, and advocacy for changes to workflow and processes.  The curriculum extends over all three years of the program and can involve advisors, behavioral scientists, other faculty, and non-TFM personnel.  We start with a “Wellness Workshop” in orientation for interns and continues with support and reflection times carved out in R1 Support Groups, Balint Groups, Humanism Meetings, Patient Memorials, TFM retreat, and individual time with advisors focused on wellness/well-being, as well as the program supporting on-the-clock time off for all medical and mental healthcare. MultiCare supports clinicians' wellness through the Employee Assistance Program offerings, Code Lavender Program, Chaplaincy Services, Schwartz Center Rounds, Provider Wellness & Practice Optimization Team, and access to self-assessment tools.

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