Visiting a Patient

Visiting a Patient at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital

We recognize how important it is that our patients have a caring environment that includes family and friends. Visitors will be accommodated as much as possible, with consideration for other patients and overall patient care.

We also are committed to open and honest communication with family members and we encourage their participation in the patient’s care. Caregivers may remain with patients except during tests or treatments. For other visitors, our suggested hours are 9am to 7pm. We understand that babies come on their own schedule, so visiting hours in the Family Birth Center are unrestricted.

For the safety of patients, caregivers and staff, the only entrance available after 8pm is through the emergency department entrance located on J Street.

We Ask Visitors To:

  • Dress appropriately, including shirts and shoes
  • Not visit the hospital when they have colds, sore throats or any contagious diseases, for the patient’s protection
  • Understand if they are asked to temporarily leave the room during tests or treatments or when the doctor or nurse needs to see the patient
  • Support our quiet, healing environment and avoid unnecessary noise
  • Be considerate of both patients in semi-private rooms

Please view our updated visitor guidelines in regards to influenza.

Condition Reports
Any personal information about the patient’s diagnosis and treatment must come from the patient’s physician, and only will be made available to those approved by the patient.

Gifts for Patients
Visitors should check with the nurse before bringing gifts, plants, food or drink to patients. Because latex allergies are becoming more common in patients and staff, latex balloons are not permitted. Mylar balloons are allowed.

Valet parking is available for $3.00 at the main hospital entrance on Martin Luther King Jr. Way and at the Philip Pavilion entrance on South 5th Street.

Additional parking for patients and visitors is available in the Baker Center Garage across from the main entrance of the hospital on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. This is validated parking free of charge for the first two hours. Your ticket can be validated at the main information desk.

Free parking with no time limit is available in the Fifth Street Garage also located on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

If your vehicle is over six feet eleven inches high, contact Security Dispatch Center at 403-1013 for access to another lot that will accommodate you. RV parking is also available. Please call ahead to our Security Reception at 403-1182 to make arrangements. Please be sure to lock your car. If for some reason you need assistance with your vehicle, please call the Security Dispatch center at 403-1013.

Information Desk
The information desk is located next to the third floor main entrance and lobby. Staff and volunteers are available to help locate patients, staff and departments. Information about buses, taxis and other transportation also is available.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 8am to 8pm. We understand that babies come on their own schedule, so visiting hours in the Family Birth Center are unrestricted.