COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

As of April 15, 2021, everyone in Washington age 16 and over is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit our vaccine page for information on how to schedule an appointment.


Telehealth for Providers

Telehealth that is community-focused and customized to you and your patients

MultiCare has been serving the northwest with community-focused health care for over a century. We want to partner with you for a healing and healthy future. And that future includes meeting your patients online.

MultiCare offers several secure, personalized ways for your patients to access health care from home.

Direct to Patient

Patients are increasingly demanding telehealth as part of their healthcare experience. We can help you provide this service.

Adding telehealth to a practice typically improves quality of care and reduces costs.

Acute Specialty

Another benefit of telehealth is that patients can access specialty care faster than would be possible if they had to schedule an in-person visit. This service can be especially beneficial to senior populations and to patients living in rural areas. 

Employer Clinic 

Partner with local employers to provider care that specifically meets their needs. Our Employer Clinic Solution helps you build relationships with businesses in your community while helping them stay healthy.  

Telehealth at MultiCare offers you:

  • A proven track record in telehealth
  • A system that is HIPAA-compliant
  • Technology that is simple to use for both providers and patients 
  • The experience of highly skilled specialists
  • Customization to your needs and the needs of your patients

Helping providers offer high-quality telehealth is just one of many ways that MultiCare demonstrates our commitment to serving the changing needs of the growing northwest region.