QuitSmart Week 6

Freedom From Tobacco

QuitSmart - Dawn

Welcome to Week 6 of the QuitSmart™ Tobacco Cessation Program! Congratulations for the effort you have put into this program, and the new lifestyle you have chosen!

This lesson is appropriate for people who have remained tobacco-free for at least two weeks.

You've Come a Long Way

Congratulations for continuing on this tobacco-free journey! You are now among more than 46 million Americans who have quit for good. How are you feeling? What are your challenges?

If you slip, remember, it may take a few tries. Some quitters have 6 to 9 lifetime quit attempts under their belts.

Keep Up the Momentum

Stay Focused on Your Goals

  • Refresh your index cards as needed with your quit plan and your personal reasons for quitting.
  • Place your index cards on your refrigerator, where you used to store tobacco, on your mirror, and in your car.
  • Reflect on this information as often as possible.

Reward Yourself

  • Celebrate small successes, such as each time you refuse tobacco: take a bubble bath, buy your favorite magazine, go out for lunch, etc.
  • Revisit your QuitSmart™ Workbook from Week 3. Look at your plan for rewarding each tobacco-free milestone. Celebrate each one!

Utilize your resources:

  • Your Personal Commitment to Quit and your Quit Plan.
  • Quit Kit.
  • QuitSmart™ Workbook.
  • QuitSmart™ Weekly Lessons/Information on becoming tobacco-free.
  • Your Support Team.
  • 31 Things To Do Instead of Smoke calendar.
  • National Quit Line (1-800-QUIT-NOW)
  • Your doctor.

From time to time, you may want to smoke. Your urges will decrease each day. Always be on guard. Remember, it's easier to have none than one. If you feel the urge, use the skills you have learned that have worked for you in the past. Call the Washington State Quit Line for free additional support at 1-800-QUIT-NOW, 1-800-784-8669.

You're on the road to staying tobacco-free. It's a better life for you, and the people around you. Be proud of yourself, and enjoy your smoke-free life. Congratulations!

Please complete the final lesson for Week 6 in your QuitSmart™ Workbook.

You will find a Certificate of Completion on page 21.