Tobacco Cessation Week 8

Get Physical

Gallery Hikers TFM Fellowship

Welcome to Bonus Week 8, the final week, of the Tobacco Cessation™ Tobacco Cessation Program.

You can improve your odds of quitting for good, by getting physically active.

Did you know that:

  • After 10 minutes of physical exercise, nicotine cravings are reduced?
  • Exercise may produce brain chemistry associated with positive moods?
  • Exercise does not have to be hard or long-lasting to have effects such as reduced cravings.
  • Even exercise like yoga and Tai Chi can help by emphasizing breathing awareness and promoting relaxation.
  • Running sports, dancing, cycling and walking can burn off jitters as can stretching, climbing stairs, and other activities.

Just say "yes" to exercise!

My Checklist

  • I am discovering ways I can be more physically active.
  • I understand the connection between physical activity and my smoking urges.
  • I am practicing positive stress management techniques to help me stay smoke free.

Quote for the Week:

"Keeping your hands busy can be really helpful when quitting smoking. Think of things you can do with your hands, like washing the dishes, doodling, straightening up a room, or cleaning the car. Some people pick up an old hobby, like building models, crocheting, or doing jigsaw puzzles. A bigger project that you can really get involved with, like painting a room or building something, can keep you occupied for days or weeks so you won’t be thinking about cigarettes."