Job Search

Managing Your Job Search

Looking for a job is a full-time commitment. Your job search will need to be managed just as you would approach any work related or personal project. Establishing timelines and goals will help you maximize your time and meet your objectives. Managing your job search is more involved than writing a good résumé and cover letter. You will want to research the job market, think about your career goals and consider your personal needs (hours, financial obligations, family commitments, etc.).


  • Set daily personal goals for your job search (e.g. apply for two jobs a day).
  • If you will be applying for several types of positions, create several customized versions of your resume.
  • Post your resume on several general job search sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder as well as industry-specific sites such as, or
  • Visit websites such as Indeed that list job postings from many places at once.
  • Review job search advice on Monster and other job posting websites.
  • Identify a list of skills that will be needed for the jobs you are pursuing. Then, brainstorm examples of when you have demonstrated those skills to share in an interview.
  • Monitor your email accounts and voicemail frequently so you don’t miss out on contact from employers.
  • If you want to apply for jobs at MultiCare after you leave, you will need to create a profile as an external candidate or update the profile from when you were originally hired.
  • If you experience trouble with your application, contact Human Resources at 253-403-1260.


  • Classes: Be sure to take advantage of the classes MHS will sponsor. These include:
    1. Career Crossroads: What's Next?
    2. Job Search Strategies
    3. Social Media in Your Job Search
    4. Interviewing for Offers
    5. Retirement Planning

      To register, contact the Employee Resource Center at 253-403-6947.
  • WorkSource offices and website: WorkSource is a public-private partnership with offices throughout the region. Their website has a wealth of information including resume help, job listings, career information and training programs. WorkSource also offers job search classes. To learn more, visit


This TMP Worldwide-produced video contains basic and essential information for job seekers looking to use social media and networking to improve their job search.

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