Managing Your Well-Being

It is common to experience a wide range of emotions after losing your job. All of us experience emotional responses to loss. They are part of the natural process that people go through when they lose something that matters. During this time, it is important to accept your feelings as normal and to set aside time to work through your transition. You may also want to take extra time for self-care activities.


  • Acknowledge and name your emotions
  • Talk about your feelings with your support network
  • Schedule time with friends or family to avoid becoming isolated
  • Visualize the possibilities that await you in your next job
  • Exercise, eat right and get enough sleep


  • Books: Many books have been written about how to work through periods of transition. You may want to check out books by William Bridges (Managing Transitions), Stephen Covey (7 Habits) and Gallup (StrengthsFinder and Well-Being).