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Tree House: A Place for Families

Family Housing to Stay Close

Tree House Building

When your family member is in the hospital with a serious illness or injury, the last thing you want to do is leave at night and make a long drive home. But when you don't live near the hospital and don't have a place to stay, sleep, even just take a shower, what are you to do?

Tree House

MultiCare offers family housing to immediate family members of patients who need a place to stay to be close to the hospital.

Tree House: A place for families — named to commemorate the important role Mary Bridge Festival of Trees played in making this project a reality — is MultiCare’s family housing complex located in the historic Frances Apartments at the corner of 4th and I streets in Tacoma.

Tree House offers comfortable space for families, as well as a host of other amenities, including:

  • 42 sleep rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Telephone, cable and Internet in sleep rooms
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Family Resource Room
  • Comfortable living room with big-screen TV
  • Communal kitchen and dining room
  • Playroom — provides a space for parents to play with their other children

During one of the most traumatic times a family can face, family housing is a true gift that touches lives in a most meaningful way. Thank you to all of our ongoing community supporters that help ensure that Tree House continues to offer parents and families a nurturing, restful environment that lets them focus all of their energies on their loved one.

How Does Tree House Help Families?

The Sink family shares the moving story of support they received from Tree House, which provides accommodation to patients’ families, after a tragic accident affected their baby boy:

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