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​Hospitalist Services

Caring for Hospitalized Patients

Hospitalists are doctors who devote their practice to caring for hospitalized patients. They manage and coordinate all aspects of your stay at MultiCare Valley Hospital, from admission to discharge. They also work closely with your primary care doctor and any other providers involved in your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a hospitalist caring for me?

Your primary care doctor, or another provider at Valley Hospital, has requested that a hospitalist be in charge of your care during your stay. Your primary care doctor may still check on you and discuss your care with the hospitalist.

How does the hospitalist practice work?

The hospitalist is in charge of your inpatient care and will see you every day while you are in the hospital. The hospitalist will discuss your care with you and your family, answer questions, attend to any emergencies that may arise and consult with other providers about your care as needed.

What is the relationship between the hospitalist and my primary care doctor?

Your primary care doctor provides the hospitalist with information about your health history and discusses any significant findings or events. At both admission and discharge, the hospitalist prepares a detailed report of findings and treatment plans and shares it with your primary care doctor. Communication continues between the hospitalist and your primary care doctor throughout your hospital stay.

What if I need another specialist while in the hospital?

Your hospitalist will arrange for consultations with specialists as needed. If you have been seeing other providers at Valley Hospital, or elsewhere, please let us know so that we can keep them informed about your hospital stay.

What happens to my care at discharge?

Since the hospitalist does not have an office-based practice, you will continue seeing your primary care provider upon discharge. The hospitalist will make arrangements for any prescriptions you may need and may ask you to make a follow-up appointment with your regular doctor. You are welcome to contact the hospitalist after discharge if you have any questions about your hospital stay.

What if I don’t have a regular primary care provider?

The hospitalist, as well as other staff at Valley Hospital, can assist in helping you find a primary care provider. We can also send records from your hospital stay to this provider.

How will I be billed for hospitalist services?

When you are hospitalized, you receive at least two sets of bills: one for hospital services and another (possibly multiple) for each doctor who provided care. So you will receive a bill from the hospitalist, as well as from any other treating providers. The billing statement includes an itemized list of the services the hospitalist provided during your stay at Valley Hospital. You'll be able to review the services provided and verify your billing and insurance information.

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For more information at Hospitalist services at MultiCare Valley Hospital, please call 509-924-6650.