COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

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Neurology Services at Valley Hospital

Neurology focuses on the evaluation and treatment of disorders affecting the nervous system, which includes the brain, the spinal cord as well as muscles and nerves throughout the body. The neurologists at MultiCare Valley Hospital provide a variety of services to foster the health of this vital system. Additional neurology services are also available at our sister facility, MultiCare Deaconess Hospital.

Services and Procedures, Valley Hospital

  • Treatment for neuromuscular disorders
  • Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty
  • Surgery

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Services and Procedures, Deaconess

  • Brain surgery for cancerous and noncancerous tumors
  • Deep brain stimulation for movement disorders
  • High-dose-rate radioactive seed implantation
  • Radioactive seed implantation (brachytherapy)

Contact Us

For more information about neurology services, please call:

509-924-6650 (Valley)
509-458-5800 (Deaconess)

2018 GWTG Stroke Silver Plus iconMultiCare Valley Hospital received the 2018 American Heart Association's Silver Plus Award for Stroke Care


Brent Morgan, MD