A Conversation with Josh Harrison, PA-C, Occupational Medicine Clinical Care Director

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By MultiCare Occupational Medicine

MultiCare Centers of Occupational Medicine recently named Josh Harrison, PA-C, as their new Clinical Care Director. Following a ten-year military career, he joined MultiCare’s Occupational Medicine team about two years ago and has also worked in MultiCare’s urgent cares and with the online care teams. Additionally, Josh holds an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of San Francisco and a graduate degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine. He is currently working on his MBA.

We caught up with Josh recently to ask him a few questions about his new role and his short-term plans.

As the new Clinical Care Director for Occupational Medicine, do you have any key initiatives you will be working on with the team?

While I’ll be working on several important projects, there are two areas I’ll be focusing on right away – providing better access for employers and leveraging the strength of our integrated health system on behalf of employers and employees.

In terms of better access, I’ll be working alongside our urgent care colleagues to improve continuity of care for workers injured on the job. We will integrate best practices from occupational medicine and spread these to our Indigo Urgent Care providers to process and submit initial claims quicker, more accurately, and with information that allows for smoother claim adjudication. Let’s face it, some emergency rooms, urgent cares or medical providers struggle to complete the complex paperwork correctly – or it’s partially complete – delaying benefits, creating additional work getting injured workers the care they deserve and delaying their potential return to work. We will improve this – and make sure we drive toward the best outcome for employees and employers alike.

Equally important, we will work closely with employers in the area to determine their unique healthcare needs. How do we provide medical services when and where it’s convenient for them? How do we foster a trusting partnership with them? How can we change our delivery to better meet their needs? We want employers to know we are available to help mentor, guide, and assist them through an often-confusing system of care, while working to return their employees back to productive work. Each of our providers is committed to helping injured workers get back to work in a safe, quick manner.

We understand you’re working on your MBA. How will you use the knowledge you’re gaining in the classroom as you serve as a clinical leader – and as you meet with and work with business clients?

You’re right! I’m fortunate to attend an MBA program using my Veteran’s education benefits and tuition reimbursement from MultiCare, an organization that’s committed to life-long learning and education. My business school stresses the “learn today, apply tomorrow” model. Each topic covered has direct application to my daily clinical work, interaction with patients, coaching and mentoring my staff and interfacing with system-level leaders.

In addition, having practical business knowledge, I can assist employers with risk mitigation as it applies to healthcare. When employees get injured on the job, it is often an emotional event for the company’s leadership as they work to continue their operations, while an employee is out. We understand that and support injured workers to recover quickly by reducing barriers, taking the extra effort to coordinate care and providing education on future injury prevention. Each time I treat a patient, I acknowledge I am caring for two parties: the patient and the employer. I must support the patient in their recovery while supporting the employer to accomplish their own mission.

Is there anything else local employers and workers should know about you?

At MultiCare, we pride ourselves on providing high value, accessible and effective care. From our Indigo Urgent Care centers open 8 am to 8 pm every day and our highly qualified Occupational Medicine providers, to our strong network of specialty care practitioners throughout the region, we are committed to breaking down barriers, curtailing time loss and working alongside employers to form lasting relationships.

One final question: What do you do when you come up for air!?

It’s not truly work, if you love what you’re doing, right? I’m married and have a young son; my family keeps me grounded and refreshed. I also enjoy reading, running, weightlifting and tackling home improvement projects.

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