Victoria Terrill,
Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

Victoria Terrill

Victoria Terrill has ambitious goals for her future. The high school senior plans to become a pediatric surgeon and she’s been preparing for that career in a unique way, by volunteering at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

"Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be a doctor and that I wanted to help kids," Victoria explains. "First I did an internship through Mary Bridge Child Life and I loved everything about it. It only made sense for me to keep volunteering after that. It’s a really good way for me to see firsthand what it’s like to work with kids in the hospital, and I know having this experience now will help me later on."

Victoria volunteers once a week for four hours, doing whatever she can to help the Mary Bridge inpatient unit and the Child Life Services team. Some days she goes room to room asking patients and their families if they need a book or a snack. Other days she plans activities to help keep patients happy and distracted from the medical reasons that brought them to the hospital.

Christian Public Service,
MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital


Many of the volunteers at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital are local people looking to give back to their community.

There’s one unique group of volunteers, though, who are far from home when they come in for their shifts every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Caleb Koehn and his family moved to Washington from Kansas in April 2018 to lead a one-year service project through the Christian Public Service organization. Caleb leads a handful of young men through various community service projects throughout the Seattle-Tacoma area. He, his wife and their two children live with the groups, which rotate every six months. They spend their days working together for one shared mission: to do good for others.

Myra Trucco,
Hospice Companion and MultiCare Allenmore Hospital Volunteer


When Myra Trucco’s mother was in hospice care, her caretakers would often call to ask if their family was in need of respite or any other type of assistance—someone who could come to their home and spend time with their mother, giving the family a temporary break as her primary caregivers.

Through that experience, Myra was inspired to become a hospice volunteer herself.

"I have one hospice patient that I visit with twice a week for two hours," Myra explains. "I’m there to give her my complete, undivided attention. It’s my job to be a calming presence and a sounding board for her, for whatever she needs on that particular day. I do my best to brighten her day however I can," she says.

Kate Drury,
Tacoma General Volunteer Services




Every person who volunteers for MultiCare wears a special name badge on a green lanyard to let others know they’re in our facilities to help. Someone has the job of creating each and every one of them. That someone is Kate Drury.

Kate has been a MultiCare volunteer herself for the past 16 years. She comes in for her shift at the Tacoma General Volunteer Services office every Tuesday, where she creates 20-30 badges per week. She’s also volunteered at MultiCare Allenmore Hospital.

"It’s important to me to help others in the community, and to help the other volunteers too. That’s what I like to do, so I keep doing it," Kate says.

It makes her especially happy when she walks around the hospital and sees her fellow volunteers wearing the badges she put together.

"Someone has to be the one to do it!" Kate jokes. "I’m happy it’s me."

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