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Water Efficiency

Reducing Water Use and Waste

Emergency Department

Rapid development, rising population and reliance on a limited and variable water supply, increases the importance of water conservation in Washington State. Drought conditions in recent years have heightened the potential environmental strain and negative impact produced by water scarcity. All building projects should be encouraged to emphasize water efficiency in their design and operation. Minimizing water usage will reduce operational expenses and lessen the environmental burden on local water supplies.

One way the Dally Tower helps reduce water and waste water use is through highly efficient fixtures. One example of a highly efficient fixture is a dual flush toilet which allows the user to choose the amount of water required to flush. Dual flush toilets can be found in staff and public toilets throughout the tower.

Based on flow rates and use, it is calculated that this building will reduce domestic water use by over 30% over the current design standards. Design standards are based on the Energy Policy Act of 1992.