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Answers to Common Questions About Medical Weight Loss

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Do I have to be a bariatric surgery patient to participate in the Medical Weight-Loss Program?

No! This is a stand-alone program that patients can participate in regardless of their interest/elgibility for weight-loss surgery.

Will my insurance cover medical weight loss?

Many health insurance companies do provide coverage for medically-necessary weight-loss programs to address chronic health conditions. Be sure to check with your health insurance company to see what their specific coverage is before you commit to the program. We do offer a self-pay pricing option for those without insurance coverage.

Do I have to have a referral to participate in the program?

While most of our patients are referred to us by their regular doctor, we do not require a doctor referral for you to make an appointment with us. Your health insurance company may require a doctor referral, though, so double check with them.

Do I have to buy specific food products or packages with this program?

No, this is not a product-based program. Rather, we provide you with a calorie and portion-controlled nutrition plan based on the Mediterranean diet, with a focus on anti-inflammatory foods. We also offer education and resources to help you with recipe and meal planning. Our goal is to teach you new healthy eating skills that you can continue to apply to your life for long-term success.

What is the duration of the program?

While initially designed with a six-month timeframe, our program is customized for each patient and is flexible in order to meet individual goals. Your progress will be reviewed and celebrated along the way. Our providers partner with you to determine if key milestones are achieved and when it makes sense for you to exit the program. You are always welcome to come back and visit your dietitian or physician if you feel additional support is needed to maintain your weight loss.

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