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Bariatric Surgery Patient Stories: Before and After

Bariatric surgery can be extremely effective in helping people achieve a healthier weight. In fact, after surgery patients can lose over 60 percent of their excess body weight, as well as see their type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestorol symptoms fade away.

But cold facts and statistics can't compare to actual stories of how people's lives, like the lives of the people below, have been transformed by this procedure.

Melissa Dohse Before and After


Melissa Dohse weighed over 340 pounds in June 2015 when her doctor encouraged her to join MultiCare’s medical weight loss program through the Center for Weight Loss & Wellness. Medication side effects sidelined her particiation in the medical weight loss program, but opened the door to bariatric surgery.

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Christina Baldivino Before and After


Christina Baldivino found a new ally in her life-long battle with her weight when she attended a MultiCare Weight Loss Surgery seminar in September 2015. Learn more about why Christina chose bariatric surgery, and what it's meant to her life since.

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Alyssa Becker Before and After Photo


Alyssa Becker made the choice to undergo bariatric surgery in December 2015, and the difference it's made in her life since, even a few month later, has been significant.

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Siobhan Dunne Before and After


Siobhan Dunne was out of options and seeking a big change when she attended a MultiCare Weight Loss Surgery seminar. In March 2016 she became the first patient to have bariatric surgery at MultiCare Allenmore Hospital.

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Barbara Seek Before and After


In 2015, Barbara Seek weighed 250 pounds, and was suffering from a host of health problems. Bariatric surgery helped her get her life, and health, back.

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Bariatric profile_Julie Wickwire


After a 2009 car accident left once-active Julie Wickwire unable to work, or even move much, weight gain and a type 2 diabetes diagnosis soon followed. Read how she lost more than 100 pounds — and had her diabetes symptoms reverse — thanks to bariatric surgery.

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Jennifer - Before and after


Jennifer Yahne chronicled her bariatric surgery journey from the very beginning in our MultiCare Vitals blog series, "Why I'm choosing bariatric surgery."

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