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Medical Weight Loss

MultiCare Center for Weight Loss & Wellness' Medical Weight-Loss Program doesn't simply put you on a calorie-restricted diet or prescribe you a bunch of pills. We dive deep into all the aspects of your life that may be causing you to gain weight and/or are preventing you from losing weight, from your medical history and status to your emotional and behavioral relationships with food.

How it Works

  1. The first step in our Medical Weight-Loss Program is an appointment with one of our doctors who are board-certified in obesity medicine. The doctor will conduct a full exam and assessment of any medical factors — including gut health issues, medication complications, sleep issues and so on — contributing to your weight. Based on this visit, the doctor may alter your current medications, run specialized tests, and/ or suggest specific treatments to remove medical barriers to weight loss.
  2. Next, you meet with your Medical Nutrition Therapist (MNT). Our Medical Nutrition Therapists are all Registered Dietitians and nutrition and weight-loss experts. You'll be assigned a dedicated MNT who will work with you one-on-one throughout the rest of the program. During your initial 90-minute appointment, your MNT will give you a thorough nutrition assessment, as well as evaluate areas such as emotional eating, planning/organization, cooking skills, fitness level, consistency, stress and anxiety coping skills and your food culture.
  3. Your MNT will then create a treatment plan that is designed to aggressively target your behavior and lifestyle barriers for weight gain and loss, such as emotional eating, gut health, fatigue, sleep habits and so on. This will include a calorie and portion controlled diet plan based on the Mediterranean diet, with a focus on anti-inflammatory foods.
  4. You will meet with your Medical Nutrition Therapist approximately twice a month to help you stay on track, evaluate your progress and receive any support, information or resources you need to be successful.
The program also provides:
  • Exercise planning
  • Solutions for staying active
  • Progress tracking help
  • Body fat analysis and waist circumference measurements
  • Initial and follow-up lab tests
  • Stress management techniques

Make an Appointment

Let us help find the right weight-loss approach for you. Call the MultiCare Center for Weight Loss & Wellness at 253-301-5280 or toll-free at 844-256-7659 to schedule a consultation.

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