Group OB Visits

Sharing Your Remarkable Journey with Other Women

OB CareConnect Group Visit

If you choose our Group OB Visits option, your first OB visit will be with your MultiCare provider and will include your medical history and a physical exam. Your doctor with help you set up a schedule of your ongoing OB visits, which will alternate between Nurse Practitioner-led group visits and appointments with your obstetrician.

The group OB visits are approximately one-and-a-half to two hours long and include a prenatal check-up, childbirth education on topics such as breast feeding, body changes during pregnancy, normal baby development, preparing your home for your baby’s arrival, contraception after your baby’s birth and common emotional changes. OB Careconnect Group OB visits offer you an opportunity to share your experiences with other expectant mothers who are due around the same time you are and build a network of support. (Your partner or one adult guest is welcome at the OB group visits, but children are not allowed to attend.)

Through MyChart, you will be provided access to your personalized interactive MyPregnancy dashboard, web tools and other resources.

Schedule of Visits

The Group OB Visit option has an appointment schedule that looks like this:

Group Visits
12 weeks
16 weeks
24–26 weeks
30 weeks
34 weeks
Office Visits
First appointment: History and physical exam
20 weeks: Review ultrasound
28 weeks: Glucola/blood work
32 Weeks
36 weeks: Group B strep swab
37, 38, 39, 40 weeks:
Postpartum exam, six weeks after delivery

Group OB Visits Class Content for MultiCare OB/GYN offices

Classes run approximately 90 minutes

Class 1: Common discomforts of pregnancy, emotional issues, introduction to breastfeeding, mom/baby growth and development.

Class 2: Nutrition, exercise, relationship issues/sexuality, common discomforts, mom/baby growth and development.

Class 3: Stress reduction/relaxation, testing for diabetes in pregnancy (glucola), pre-term labor, common discomforts, mom/baby growth and development, FMLA forms

Class 4: Family/parenting issues, siblings, common discomforts, complications of pregnancy, mom/baby growth and development.

Class 5: Breastfeeding, contraception, pediatrician selection, mom/baby growth and development. Guest speaker: Lactation Consultant; Tour of MultiCare Birthing Centers at MultiCare Good Samaritan and MultiCare Tacoma General hospitals.

Class 6: Signs of labor, birth procedures, pain management, potential complications, mom/baby growth and development, information on Group Beta Strep test.

Class 7: Emotional issues after delivery, post partum depression, birth concerns/feelings, stories, post partum issues (help at home, newborn care, siblings, playing with baby), plans for work, baby kick counts, mom/baby growth and development.

Class 8: Last Meeting! Party to celebrate new moms and babies; share stories, pictures. Guest speaker.

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