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Virtual OB Visits

Combining In-Person Appointments and Virtual Visits

If you choose the Virtual OB Visits option, your first prenatal visit will be with your MultiCare pregnancy care provider - such as an OB/GYN or Certified Nurse-Midwife - and will include your medical history and a physical exam. Prenatal visits after your initial appointment will alternate between virtual visits with a MultiCare nurse practitioner (ARNP) via your computer and scheduled visits with your MultiCare provider at their office.

A virtual visit offers you great flexibility in terms of hours and location. Virtual visits are scheduled appointments at times most convenient to you, and may include any of your family members,. Through MyChart, you will be provided access to your personalized interactive MyPregnancy dashboard, web tools and other resources.

How it Works

  • Your provider's office will provide you with a monitoring kit for your to use at home. We have partnered with a baby Doppler heart rate monitor company Baby Beat. They will send you a Doppler monitor and instructions to use at home during your pregnancy.
  • Prior to each virtual visit, you will weigh yourself.  During your virtual visit with the ARNP, you will take your own blood pressure and then position your Doppler monitor so the ARNP can count your baby’s heart rate. The ARNP will document your virtual visit in your medical record and forward it to your provider.
  • If there are any problems or concerns, the ARNP will coordinate with your provider who will see you in person for a follow-up visit.
  • During your virtual visit, your ARNP also provides education, discusses your upcoming pregnancy milestones and answers any questions you have.

Schedule of Virtual OB Visits

Below is a sample schedule for our Virtual OB Visits option. Actual schedules may very as each plan is tailored to a patient's individual circumstances.

Virtual Visits
  • 12 weeks
  • 16 weeks
  • 24–26 weeks
  • 30 weeks
  • 34 weeks
  • 1 week postpartum
Doctor’s Office Visits
  • First appointment: History and physical exam
  • 20 weeks: Review ultrasound
  • 28 weeks: Glucola/blood work
  • 32 Weeks
  • 36 weeks: Group B strep swab
  • 37, 38, 39, 40 weeks:
  • Postpartum exam, six weeks after delivery

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