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Your Child's Care Team

A Multidisciplinary Team to Care For Your Child

At Mary Bridge, each child is cared for by a pediatric team dedicated to providing compassionate care of the highest quality. Our quality care starts with the expertise of our doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. We support our provider teams with the latest technology and facilities that promote collaboration. Below is an overview of some of the professionals working together as a multidisciplinary team that may care for your child while at Mary Bridge.

An anesthesiologist provides medication to children so they are pain-free during operations or other procedures.

Through Pastoral Care, all patients and families can meet with a non-denominational hospital chaplain for counseling and spiritual support. Your own clergy is also welcome to visit at any time.

Child Life Specialist
Child Life Specialists help children and families cope with the stress of hospitalization by providing play and other creative activities to meet treatment goals. They are available to assist you and your child in preparing for procedures, surgery and explanations of "what's happening." They meet with children and their families throughout the hospital stay.

Critical Care Physicians
The PICU team is directed by physicians (Intensivists) who are Pediatric Critical Care Specialists. They are highly trained in the care of critically ill and injured children and practice exclusively at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. An Intensivist is in-house and attending the PICU 24 hours a day. The Intensivists work closely with your child's physicians and other health care professionals to direct and create the most effective plan of care for your child.

Every child in the hospital has an Attending Physician who is the leader of your child's health care team. This may be your private physician, a surgeon, or a doctor from our hospital. The Attending Physician is responsible for the decisions regarding your child's care.

The physician supervises all the doctors (as listed below) who are involved in your child's care.

are licensed physicians who are now receiving their specialty training.
Interns are residents in their first year of specialty training.
Medical Students come to Mary Bridge to learn about pediatrics. They may be observers on your child's health care team.

Health Unit Coordinator
Health Unit Coordinators manage telephone, intercom, and computer tasks. They assist in the admission of your child and are available to help you find your way around while you are here at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

IV Therapist
IV Therapists are specialized pediatric nurses who are experts trained to start intravenous lines and take blood samples.

A Registered Nurse (RN) coordinates your child's care. They plan and provide direct nursing care, patient/family education and counseling. The RN is the team leader.

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is responsible for direct nursing care, medications, treatments and performing data collection.

Student Nurses/Nurse Techs come to Mary Bridge to learn about pediatrics. They are under the direct supervision of the RN and their clinical instructor as they care for your child.

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapists work with children and their families on issues related to sensory-motor, self-care, and function as well as providing recommendations for follow-up if needed after going home.

Patient Care Techs/Certified Nursing Assistant

Physical Therapist
Physical Therapists care for children who have a developmental, injury, or illness-related disability. Their goal is to help patients return to their regular mobility, activities and level of independence.

Registered Dietitian
A Registered Dietitian will be assessing your child's specific nutritional needs and working closely with you and the medical team to assure that your child's nutritional goals for growth and healing are being met.

Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapists have special training in the care of children with cardiopulmonary (heart/lung) complications. They perform therapeutic patient care procedures including ventilator care, airway care, administration of a variety of breathing medications, oxygen, and pulse oximetry.

Speech and Language Pathologists
Speech and Language Pathologists help children who have problems with swallowing, feeding, and/or communication. Speech Therapists evaluate children's ability to understand what they hear, as well as their ability to express themselves, concentrate, remember, and problem solve.

Social Worker
Social Workers help patients and families cope with sudden or long-term illness, trauma, and hospitalization. They will also advocate on behalf of patients/families and assist you in understanding and contributing to the care plan. Mary Bridge Social Workers provide counseling, continuing support, and referral to community agencies for basic needs such as food, shelter, or transportation. Social Workers are available seven days a week and may be accessed upon request by the patient, family, or medical team.

Surgeons help diagnose problems in a child and then treat them with an operation or other procedure. Surgeons often specialize in a specific area such as Orthopedics (bones and joints), ENT (head and neck) or Cardiac (heart and blood vessels).

Volunteers assist with play activities while children are hospitalized. They are available to bring toys and games to the children, hold, and rock babies and toddlers when parents need to take a break or cannot be at the bedside. To request a volunteer, ask your child's nurse for the next available volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click here or call 253-403-1005.